High Impact Strategies For The Unpredictable

Black Swan: “A highly improbable event that is unpredictable and has a massive impact”

You’ve build a disruptive product and you can’t wait to see sign-ups pouring in and new leads at your door.

They just fired up their browser, did a Google search for your target keyword and found you.

But wait…

That is your lame ass competitor with his outdated product. How is this even possible? You’ve followed all the SEO best practices plus your product is really mind-blowing!

That’s the problem. Mind-blowing is not enough for Google.

You see, those nerdy but pretty smart looking guys over at Mountain View (and the competition!) want to give searchers the best, most relevant results possible for the specific phrases they use.

It’s all about Giving the searcher what they are looking for. And THEN also have a great quality product, of course.

“But I’m just a bootstrapped startup, i don’t have the budget to hire an SEO agency!”


You see, SEO for startups and Saas companies doesn’t really need to be expensive. It’s just a matter of doing the few things that work. I hate how everyone in the industry keeps saying that SEO is a luxury only big glossy brands can afford...

With a background in electrical engineering i know a thing or two about organizations rushing into buying expensive products or services only to realize, after implementation, that those weren’t the right choice.

I have a different approach.

  1. We will have a partnership where i truly care about your business and product and really want it to be successful
  2. I will analyze your website and business to really understand what makes you unique. I will help you identify vulnerabilities and opportunities.
  3. To build robustness against any possible negative event and exploit positive ones.
  4. So we can turn sporadic and unlikely to be seen black swans into deliberate (and profitable) white ones.

One thing that drives me crazy about the SEO industry are generalists. I truly believe that If you do everything, you’re just going to be average at everything, and you will blend in with the crowd.

I want to be the go-to SEO guy for people like you, bootstrapped startups and Saas companies with a limited marketing budget but an amazing product, and I want to help you get found by your perfect customers on the search engines.

I’m not afraid of testing new methods to drive more organic traffic and leads and being my own boss allows me to keep experimenting without getting stuck on conventional strategies.

This is why I created Black Swan Digital. 

My mission is to give you the best and quickest ROI possible from my SEO efforts.

I’ve been playing in a punk rock band for many years before this, we considered it our little “startup” we really treated it as a small business. That band had a huge potential and everyone told us we were very good. 

Still, the band failed. That’s cause we didn’t know what to do to get enough traction as fast as possible. That was a hard lesson for me, but an important one as well.

That lesson made me want know everything there is to know about growing a business. I loved how SEO can be a source of unlimited free traffic and leads.

alan silvestri

Clients ask me all the time “but how long will this take? How much is it? I don’t have time or money to waste”.


when you focus on the right strategies at the right time and get results, money becomes a tool, not an expense.

What’s next? If you’re curious and want to know more check out my process in detail, or just get in touch!

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